About Me

My friends keep telling me, “You should write a blog.”

I am aware that many of the sonic train wrecks you’ve seen on American Idol have also had friends who’ve told them, “You should enter a singing contest.” Just sayin’ – I AM aware.

But I’d like to posit some credentials that set me apart. First, my work experience as a writer.

For the last five years, I have written for a local publication that styles itself as a “neighborhood newspaper.” It’s been very good to me.

I have covered quilt contests, police dog demonstrations, a man who fixes household appliances in the name of Jesus, 19th century baseball game re-enactors, miniature horses, biscuit festivals, and suggestions for dealing with urban coyotes. (1. don’t leave food out. 2. if you see one, make a ruckus.)

Are you impressed yet?

As a roving girl reporter, I’ve gotten to high-five a Beluga whale, box, don a complete firefighter’s getup (about 80 pounds,) crawl through the attic of a 100-year-old house, meet the crew of “Antiques Roadshow,” and enjoy a hot stone massage. And I’ve reveled in every single minute of it because – here’s my second credential – I’m a recovering professional classical musician.

The multi-layered precision of classical music necessarily involves intense focus, often to the exclusion of everything else. I’ll be writing about music here – all types – a lot. Music has colored my world, shaped my heart, and literally created my life.

But after 40 years, instead of spending my days coaxing pages of notes into my head and hands, I’m pursuing interests in …. well, everything else.

Except cars and football.

And I live in a HUGE cars and football town.

So …. there’s plenty of time for writing.

Stay tuned!